Fungible Data Center - Delivering On The Promise Of Composable Infrastructure At Any Scale

Many enterprises struggle to address the performance and agility needs of modern applications without expensive dedicated custom hardware for each application. By hyperdisaggregating the resources of underlying physical servers, Fungible Data Center enables the creation of bare-metal composed servers that match workload needs exactly, increasing data center agility, performance, scalability, and security.

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FDC Product Brief

Hyperscale infrastructure for all.

The Fungible Data Center is based on a fundamental rethink of the modern data center and is designed to address the most demanding challenges of hyperscale environments.

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FDC Webinar

The ever-increasing data demands on IT infrastructure have many organizations looking for new approaches to address data center challenges in a cost-effective and flexible way. Learn how composable disaggregated infrastructure can unlock cloud-like agility and incredible efficiency in your data center. 


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FDC Launch Video

Data center Infrastructure is evolving, and the data center of the future will be on demand. Fungible is leading and realizing this paradigm shift, by transforming data centers to simple, agile, and on-demand powerhouses.


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